Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Serc, or betahistine dihydrochloride, is a special medicine developed to treat disorders of the inner ear. For some reason, Serc, is readily available in other countries, and is quite often prescribed in Europe and Canada for Meniere's Disease, but not so readily available in the US. Serc works by improving the blood flow to the inner ear, and also works on normalizing the way in which inner ear nerve endings respond to outside influences. 

My doctor let me try Serc for a time. I was surprised to learn that I had to have it formulated at a compounding pharmacy. In the US, a compounding pharmacy has the ingredients and capabilities to compound certain drugs and medicines that either aren't mass produced in the US, or need to be tailored for a certain patient. I was lucky to find a compounding pharmacy near me that could compound my betahistine. I was unlucky to learn that compounding can be, and was for me, very expensive. I think I stopped taking Serc because of the high cost. I'm not sure if I even gave it a fair shot of helping me or not.

In my continued effort to improve my health, I'm going to give Serc another shot. I will start tomorrow, and report my progress here. Fingers crossed.

Onward we go, fellow soldiers.

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