Thursday, May 16, 2013

Less Movies, More Meniere's

Less Movies, More Meniere's

Film school is officially finished, and now my focus turns back to Meniere's Disease advocacy. I will still utilize this site to post about films, but I've been neglecting my Meniere's Disease updates, so here is what's happening with Meniere's Disease and me:

The negatives: What the what? Hearing in my left ear continues to decline. Boo. My audiologist recommended a hearing aid. So, me being me, I had to get the mack daddy of hearing aids. It's a tiny little thing, barely noticeable. The cool thing is that it works just like a Bluetooth. I can program my IPhone to ring directly to it, and it will also play my Itunes. This could be very beneficial in boring work meetings. Only kidding. Sort of.

Now, if only I can start remembering to wear it more often. I'm pretty terrible at this. I blame the Meniere's Disease brain fog.

The vertigo and dizziness have been hit and miss. I was very hopeful that the VNS surgery would have completely quelled these spells. Alas, the vertigo has found a way to break through on occasion. I'm now considering an alternative therapy that, if I do undertake, I will discuss further here in a month or two.

The positives: I continue to work, live and play. I am happy. I am functioning. I refuse to let this illness ruin my life. I have great family and friends and loved ones who support me and help me when needed. I am never going to give up fighting this illness. I continue to travel and enjoy life its fullest, and if Meniere's Disease thinks it will take that away from me, it has another thing coming.


  1. I'm interested to know what hearing aid you got. And does it leave your ear sore after a few hours?

  2. Hi Janice,
    My hearing aid is a Resound. The part that goes in my hear is just a tiny, clear tube, so it doesn't make my ear sore. The issue I'm having, though, is that my ears are really small, and it will pop out or come off. I think I need to have it resized. Boo.