Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Protocol

Having undergone nearly every traditionally recommended therapy or treatment in existence for Meniere's Disease, including diuretics, low-sodium intake, sac decompression with shunt surgery, serc, verapamil, valium, vestibular rehabilitation therapy, steroids, and finally, the vestibular nerve section surgery, and yet still continuing to suffer with dizziness, ringing in my ears, and hearing loss, I have chosen to partake in lesser known therapies over the past few years. These less traditional therapies have included chiropractic work, vitamin regimens, acupuncture, NUCCA, and even a spinal tap. To say that I have tried everything and anything to cure this illness would be quite accurate, if not an understatement.

And yet, the Beast persists. But to his dismay, so do I. I refuse to accept that my fate is one of disability and sickness. I refuse to accept that there is nothing out there that will solve this issue for me. Instead, I push forward, continually doing research on new modalities, new clinical trials, and new options that may provide some help and hope.

About a year ago, I learned of Stephen Spring, and his new protocol for treating Meniere's Disease. Mr. Spring is a researcher and a Meniere's Disease sufferer himself, based in Australia. He has, based on his extensive research, developed a protocol for treating this illness, that has worked wonders for himself, and for many other sufferers. After having a great chat with him via Skype, I decided to undertake this treatment as well.

His treatment is not an overnight cure. It's not a one-stop solution. It is multi-faceted, and requires diligence, as well as an understanding doctor to order certain blood tests and other tests as needed while you undergo the protocol. Thankfully, my specialist is one of the most kind, understanding human beings on this planet, and he has supported me in every endeavor that I have undertaken to find a cure.

Mr. Spring expects this protocol to take a year or longer to help me, as I've had this illness for some time now...ten years to be exact. I am only into my 12th week, so I cannot report much as of yet. I can say that the ringing in my ear has gone down quite a bit, which is a positive sign. I haven't had a reduction in dizziness as of yet, which of course is the thing I hope to eradicate most of all. I have heard from others that the dizziness tends to ease up around week 28-30.

I will continue on the protocol, which is quite expensive, but the theory behind it makes great sense, with the hope that I too will benefit from this. If this proves to be the solution to my dizziness, I will waste no time in advising everyone I know with this illness to undertake Mr. Springs protocol. I won't know for some weeks if it will have a truly positive effect on me, though. So, until then, I will keep posting updates here, and keep searching out updates on new treatments for Meniere's Disease.

I hope to have some good news to report soon, friends. Until then, onward we go....


  1. Hi there,

    Thanks for sharing your story.

    I too am considering Mr Spring's protocol. I'd love to hear how you're going! Any improvement?

    I wish your all the best.


  2. Hi there,

    My father has lived with Meniere's for over 40 years and we would like to try Dr Stephen's protocol. Have you got his contacts? I live in Australia and my father lives in Brazil but would be willing to relocate temporarily if needed for any type of treatment for this disease.

    I wish you all the best!


  3. Here is his contact info.He is not a doctor.

    Skye so cool that you have a blog,I hope the protocol works for you.Looking forward to reading your posts.


  4. so almost a year has passed, how are you doing now?