Monday, February 24, 2014

Exciting Things In The World of Meniere's Disease

It seems that all of a sudden, the wheels of motion are starting to turn in a positive direction for Meniere's Disease sufferers. I was contacted last week about participating in a trial of the injectable steroid OTO-104. I've been following this drugs' process from first clinical trial through today, and I believe OTO-104 is on it's third or fourth clinical trial. I won't know until this week or next if I've been approved for the clinical trial, but I'm happy to hear that OTO is pushing forward. Hopefully, it will be proven effective and useful, and the FDA will clear it for public use.

In other news, a friend of mine with Meniere's Disease in San Diego is undergoing an even more exciting form of treatment right now that, unfortunately, I can't yet discuss here. When he returns home from treatment, and with his permission, I will share his experiences. From the email I received from him today, all signs point to a potentially very viable solution for us. I have my fingers crossed for him, as he is our guinea pig with this treatment. If it goes well for him, I will take the plunge and get the treatment myself. More to come on this.

I feel very excited and optimistic at all of the new pushes toward a cure. This is indeed an exciting time for us, and I hope beyond hope that a solution is coming....soon. :)

I will write more as soon as I have permission, and have more to share. Until then, onward we go!



  1. Skye

    I'm very curious about the friend in the study in San Diego. I'm hoping by now enough time has passed that you might write about it? I'm in the northeast, and searching for answers. I've run through most of my options, though my main complaint is hearing loss. Vertigo is still very spaced apart for me. I hope you are well


    1. Hello Gaelen, my friend has not been in touch as of late, which most likely means that the the trial was not successful. :( Still no "cures" as of yet to report. I'm still on the search, however. Wishing you well.

  2. Hi
    Good luck with the trial. Does that mean any previous attempts to rid the meniere's have failed?

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  4. Helo Anna,
    Unfortunately, I am still struggling with Meniere's. All previous attempts to attack this illness have failed. I'm still in search of something that will help. Wishing you well!