Friday, August 26, 2011

Film School Is Back In Session

Oh August. My fickle friend. What's that smell in the air? Summer days winding down? Smoldering barbecues dying out? Oh wait...I's the smell of freshly sharpened pencils and the diffident fear emanating from students who are stepping into a new semester at school. 

While I'm reluctant to release my stalwart grasp on summer, I conversely love school, and have been counting down the days until the start of fall semester. Yesterday, school started for me again, and I could not be more overjoyed. Not only do I love my professors and classmates in my program, but I also love the coursework. Learning about every aspect of film has become almost an addiction for me. I feel so happy and content in class, and the more that I learn, the deeper I fall in love with filmmaking. 

My courses for Fall Semester 2011 are as follows:
Photography I-this should be interesting, as I know almost nothing about still photography
Intermediate Film Production-I didn't realize how much I missed my professor from Beginning Film Production, Channing, until this class began yesterday
Understanding Film Directing-Mark Davis, my professor, is not only engaging, but perhaps one of the most funny people I've come across in life

Needless to say, I'm beyond excited to be back in class, surrounded by these wonderfully creative souls. I can already feel the inspiration seeping back into my veins. As I traverse this semester, I will post updates here. Also, as part of my Film Directing Class, I need to blog about movies and directors on a weekly basis, so be prepared: the film talk here may slightly overshadow the Meniere's talk for a little while. Alas, as Meniere's is as big of a part of my life as film is, I'm sure it won't be far gone for long here. 

Onward we go...


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